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Quality Does Come With A Price (and it is more reasonable than you think).

OK raise your hand if you have a piece of Target's adorable and affordable pieces of furniture OR IKEA's modern and efficient space saver. (hand raised) GUIIIILTY! Even ONE84 is budget conscious and we personally own both Target and IKEA master pieces. But let me ask you this, have you ever left a glass of wine on that table only to find a permanent reminder that you got a "deal". Or in the heat of summer see the veneer side curl away from its body before your 4th of July party. Desperately you search for wood glue. OH WAIT, its not real wood. At some point in your home shopping adventures it may be worth buying that quality one of a kind piece. But what is it that makes a piece of furniture quality? And do all custom pieces have to be pricey?

Another question for you. Antique Road show, do you LOVE it? Why is it such a thrill to hear the specialist reveal the monumental worth of a timeless whaling table. Well for one, do you notice the quality of work antique pieces have? The dedicated time spent on one piece of furniture created quality. Quality that has allowed pieces to last for centuries. Making that moment when the dealer says, "This piece is worth around $10,000" so jaw dropping. Today, money is time and mass production is the game. With mass production, you lose that quality time spent making one piece. One reason ONE84 is different from most is the amount of time that is spent on ONE project. We take pride in the quality we put into each piece that leaves our shop.

In today's world of mass production, everyone is looking for a little individuality. As society starts to realize that utilizing space is vital, pieces that fit your space exactly go a LONG WAY. Here in Denver space is limited and creating pieces like the Kimery Sewing table is the perfect example of paying a little more to get exactly what you need. Kimery needed something functional to fit in a small hall space in her Denver Apartment. Not only did she want a sewing table, but she wanted a sewing table that could disguise as a hall table. Collaborating with a designer gives you that ability to get everything you want an need from a piece. Something you will not find in a store.

So lets talk $$$. That is always the significant influence to a purchase. Even if you have the money to spend, you still want to get your money's worth. When designing a costume piece, one thing we always want our customers to know is everyone has options. Different styles of wood come with varying prices. Don't get caught up in the coloring. Coloring can be adjusted with stains, sanding, epoxy and many other techniques. Designers LOVE guidelines that help guide their creativity. When you are ready to commit to your piece, have a price in mind. Be prepared to fluctuate + or - $100 and it is important to have a few inspirational pictures to share your vision. All these tips will help you get the quality at a price you can be proud of.

In no way is our intention for this blog to stop our guest from shopping at Target. I mean come on, they have Chip and Janna Gain's new line. But our intention is to reveal that having a one of a kind piece of art that functions as a coffee table and fits perfectly in your space is a lot more valuable and realistic than most would think. So the next time Antique Road show is on, take a little closer look at the detail of that piece. Someone put a lot of pride and quality time making that piece timeless. OR the next time you head to IKEA with your dimensions in had, think about what it would be like to design the EXACT piece you want. Maybe ONE84 can create your next timeless and prefect piece.

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