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Bed Frames


Platform Bed


Materials: Laminated Plywood.

Description: Designed to be as thin as possible. The 1 ½” think platform that supports the bed is designed to come apart into small enough pieces that it can be dismantled and easily moved into any room.  All connections are carriage bolted for easily assembly with low profile tops. The head board consists of 31 squares cut through the 2 ½” thick headboard. Designed to be back lit the back board adds a unique feature to the room with a modern look. 

Location: Denver, Co

Macie Bed


Materials: plywood and spalted maple

Description: This low profile cantilevered bed is one of a kind. With the unique fabric head board and custom chalkboard head wall this design demands attention. The character of the wood does all the talking for itself. 

Location: Lee Summit, MO

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