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Mixing Materials

It's always been important for me to find my own footprint in my work. Although I draw inspiration from my daily surroundings, other designers and heaven forbid my wife sending me "Pinterest" pictures, I stand for designing something that is unique from anything that is trending on social media.

Combining unique and different materials is one way I express my creativity. Recently I was commissioned to work on a large piece of wood slab and convert it into a dinning room table. After hearing the desires of the customer, my process fell into place very nicely.

For this project the walnut slab had some large cracks due to the drying process. I used a black epoxy to stabilize the cracks so they wouldn't continue to expand. We chose the black epoxy because we knew when the table was finished it wouldn't take the attention away from the awesome grain patterns in the wood. It also allowed me to keep parts of the wood that were about to break off on the edges and we were able to keep most of the live edges. With epoxy it makes for a smooth, easy to clean surface.

Simply, I took two very different materials and joined them into a beautiful collaboration. When two very different things find a way to get along, its amazing what the end product can be.

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